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Enhancing the Quality of Life for Seniors and Their Families


More than 1,200 senior living communities across North America rely on Touchtown’s patented technology to strengthen their communities and make it easy to broadcast high impact, multimedia programs and messaging. Today, our mission remains unchanged: to make a difference in the quality of life for hundreds of thousands of seniors and their families, and to provide it in a way that makes business sense for senior living providers. We provide value to our customers by increasing resident engagement, improving operational efficiency, extending marketing reach, and enhancing the quality of life in their communities. Touchtown customers see resident, staff, and family satisfaction improve resulting in increased revenue and profitability for their business.

The Story of How It All Began…

Touchtown’s Story

The story of Touchtown begins with Founder Jeff Pepper’s father, Edward Pepper. Born in 1913, he lived nearly all his life in tightly knit communities, first growing up in a working class neighborhood in the Bronx, and then serving in the Coast Guard in World War II. He spent the next thirty years as a shopkeeper in a small town in Long Island. As he aged, he began to lose his vision and have difficulty taking care of himself. He agreed to move to a retirement community near Jeff and their family in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

During his six years in the retirement community, Edward enjoyed the company of his new neighbors and the activities available to him and the other residents. But he missed the texture of his old life: going to work in the morning, having breakfast with his buddies, going to the shops and stores in his old neighborhood, and of course seeing the family members he left behind in New York. As Jeff watched his father’s health decline and his sense of isolation increase, Jeff began to wonder whether he would have had a better quality of life if he hadn’t been uprooted from the context of his old community.

That, in turn, led to Touchtown; An effort to learn about the links between isolation, depression, and quality of life for seniors.

A message from Jeff Pepper, Founder of Touchtown…


“When I think about our company, I don’t think of it primarily as a business, although we certainly work very hard to make it an economic success. For me, Touchtown is a wonderful opportunity to change the world. We’ve gathered together a team of people from a wide variety of disciplines — computer science, design, geriatrics, human factors, sales and marketing — who are working to adapt cutting edge technologies to meet the needs of our grandparents, our parents, and our own families.”

“I believe one of the biggest challenges in this new century is to learn how to bring people, families, and communities back together. If the world is a tapestry of individual lives woven together, then all of us need to look for the frayed edges and do our best to weave them back into the whole.”

“This is our mission at Touchtown: to provide our elders with the means to become reconnected with their lives, their friends, and the things that give their lives meaning. We seek to help our elders heal their own lives, and in doing so, perhaps to heal our own.”

— Jeff Pepper, Founder of Touchtown

Touchtown Founder, Jeff Pepper, and CEO, Ted Teele, shaking hands.