Community Apps: A Personal Concierge

Touchtown Community Apps are customized app modules that keep your entire community fully engaged with your community’s services and programs.

Residents, staff, family and prospects use Touchtown’s Community Apps to find community information right at their fingertips.


Our Solutions

Resident Concierge 

Improves Wellness and Happiness

Census Builder

Increases Occupancy

Staff Communicator

Enhances Employee Communications and Reduces Turnover

Family Connector

Improves Family Engagement

Access Community Apps on Your Favorite Platforms

“Using Community Apps on my phone is soooo much easier than when using the website. The scrolling feature is wonderful. I enjoy being able to contact people by phone or email from the Staff Directory icon and email from the other directories.”

Resident, Deerfield

“Touchtown Community Apps puts technology at Park Springs Members’ fingertips. It’s like we have given each of them their own personal concierge.”

Jennifer Durham, Director of Community Service, Park Springs

“I must tell you how much I love having the app on my iPhone. I just left a Financial Whatcha Think meeting and used it twice during the meeting, once to check tonight’s menu!”


Suzanne, Resident at Deerfield

“When we found Touchtown Community Apps, it had everything on our ‘wish’ list. Residents appreciate having so much information at their fingertips, and staff find that Touchtown allows us to efficiently and effectively communicate with our residents. The products are easy to use from a resident standpoint and user-friendly for staff administrators who are responsible for maintaining and adding content to the various Touchtown applications.”

Steve Cuppy, Technology Coordinator, Oaknoll Retirement Residence

“Touchtown has been an amazing tool for connecting residents and staff. I can’t wait to further the connection with residents and families [with Touchtown Community Apps!]”

Allison Newhouse, Administrative Assistant, Sunnyside Village

“With Touchtown Community Apps, more residents are looking for answers. And residents LIKE searching for answers on their own.”

Susan LaFrance, Director of Resident Programs & Services, The Chesapeake Retirement Community