Share & Manage Content to Your Entire Enterprise of Communities

Touchtown’s Enterprise Content Manager is the only tool in our industry that allows you to manage content centrally and distribute it throughout your entire network of communities. The Enterprise Content Manager streamlines communication on an Enterprise level to communities across multiple geographic locations — seamlessly delivering content anywhere and anytime.

Boosting communications across all of your communities, residents, and staff members helps maximize operating efficiency, streamline other processes, reduce staff turnover, and increase your return on investment.

Enterprise Content Manager from Touchtown

Touchtown Enterprise Content Manager

Streamline Communications to All of Your Communities!

Marketing and Branding



Deliver your marketing and branding, such as showing a welcome video from your CEO to all of your residents, staff, and prospects at all of your communities.

Wellness Programs



Improve the lives of your residents by promoting corporate wellness initiatives, such as lunchtime stress management seminars, fitness challenges, and walking contests with just the touch of a button across your entire enterprise.

Human Resources



Enhance staff communications and reach thousands of employees — even those that don’t have email addresses — to communicate changes in a HIPAA regulation, benefit updates, or adding a weekly employee video through digital signage in the staff break rooms at all of your communities. You will improve employee retention and employee satisfaction with more efficient processes.

Staff Efficiency



Free up staff time with a single point of data entry and the ability to reach your entire network of communities with a touch of a button. Create slide content quickly using the smart layout system. You’ll improve staff efficiency and let them focus on what’s important: caring for your residents.

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