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Enhance Employee Communication and Reduce Turnover

Improve employee communications, enhance the culture, and reduce turnover costs by helping corporate information reach employees across all of your communities, quickly and seamlessly.

Does your community provide employees with a lounge or break room? This is a prime location to display employee communication with a Touchtown Digital Sign and also blend corporate messaging and content with local community content.

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Senior Living Employee Turnover Statistics


The Senior Living Industry continues to grow rapidly. The annual growth rate for jobs in senior living from 2001-2014 was 10x higher than other industries. We will need 1.2 million Senior Living workers needed by 2025.


 Senior Living employment is projected to increase 46% by 2025. The industry will need 1,100,000 employees in 2025.


Turnover is a bigger problem in Senior Living: 42% average employee turnover rate for life plan communities (CCRC’s) compared to 17 % average employee turnover rate for all other industries.


Turnover is expensive. The average cost of turnover per employee is calculated at 50% of the employee’s salary.