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Live Website Updates and More with Touchtown Extensions

Web Extensions

Activities at a Glance

Keep your community website current with a live list of activity schedules. We provide your web admin the tools to embed an activity list pulled from the Touchtown Content Manager, which staff can use to easily choose what will display. Increase prospect and family engagement by further marketing your community events, activities, etc.

Web Show

Inform, entertain, and educate prospects and family members, boosting your marketing reach by adding a self-running, full color slideshow of your activities, events, and announcements to your community’s website. Staff can assign and schedule content that you have already created to the Web Show on your website.

Calendar Links

Download Touchtown Calendar PDF right from your website. It can be printed or emailed to provide residents, family, staff, and prospects with up-to-date schedules. Share custom calendars by level of care or location with a Calendar Link.

More Extensions


Play and schedule movies on your Touchtown TV+ channel or a separate dedicated movie channel. Our media system also allows you to automatically switch back to the activity show when the movie ends. Manual solutions are also available.

Audio Narration

Enhance Touchtown TV+ slides with a voice recording. Record audio for any slide, and schedule the audio narration to run at specific times (e.g. every 30 minutes, every 60 minutes). Audio Narration also supports residents with vision impairments.

“Touchtown has given us an opportunity to reach more residents with fun as well as important information and keep residents more informed when there are changes to the schedule. We also provide new resident info and pictures to help people greet new arrivals. The most significant improvement would be the ability to play movies in the apartments, as before many residents who could not sit in the Lecture Hall for a long period of time had to miss the movie.”

Kathryn Geraghty, Wellness Director, Bryon Park